4X: Aarteenetsijä A.

Kuvassa tyttö ja karttapallo sekä 4X-logo.
Kuva: Sanna Lehto

Launched last year, 4X − Touring Dance Event will be held again in spring 2024.  As part of the event Dance Theatre Raatikko’s piece explores the world of dance with young audiences. The children’s piece Aarteenetsijä A. by Sini Tuominen and Sami Elovaara is based on street dance. Playfulness, fun, self-expression, improvisation, emotions and personality − these are the words that describe the street dance community, and these descriptions also fit the Aarteebetsija A. performance. This participatory children’s piece puts bodies on the map and also gives the audience an active role.

Premiering in spring 2024, the inclusive children’s piece Aarteenetsijä A. is a journey of discovery of limbs and a leap of faith.

CHOREOGRAPHY Sini Tuominen | PERFORMERS Sami Elovaara ja Sini Tuominen | MUSIC Sami Elovaara | ARTISTIC CONSULTING Jaakko Toivonen

Premiere: 6.4.2024 Dance theatre Raatikko, Vantaa.
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: +3 year olds
Language: Finnish

The work will be performed in the AB Dance Company’s Roofstudio, which is not an accessible space. Audience members arrive in the theatre’s lobby, where they are led as a group into the performance space.



12 € / person all ticket types
40 € / 4 tickets, family package

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4X − Touring Dance Event is a mini-festival organised by four dance theatres − AB Dance Company, Minimi, Raatikko and Rimpparemmi − bringing the latest repertoire of each theatre to the stage, offering a front row seat into the world of Finnish dance.

4X will tour across Finland, starting in Rovaniemi in May, then moving to Kuopio, Vantaa and ending in early June in Turku.

The event day at AB Dance Company is Saturday 8.6. and it starts with Raatikko’s children’s piece Aarteenetsijä A. at 14.00. Night of Four Pieces starts the same day at 17.00.

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