Emho – the Architecture of Life

Kuvassa vasemmalta Linda Björkqvist, Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö ja Elina Raiskinmäki


Patrick Di Quirico’s dance piece Emho is an in-depth discovery of ourselves, from the very beginning of our existence until the development of the most essential and ultimate human capability. Progressive construction of our own personality throughout memories and moments in our lives that affected our subconscious, making us who we are.

During our lives, we go through moments that structure our story, one piece at a time. We each have our own path, which then crosses with those close to us. Like city streets on a map, we come across each other. What happens when we meet, or what does it take for us to truly feel like we’ve met another human? All the routes we take create a structure, different for each of us. Society is structured in the same way.

Memories are made up of pictures: rooms, objects and things that accumulate meaning and are connected to a specific emotion. Our paths travel through these rooms that remain in our minds as memories, and transform us. These spaces structure the layout of our lives.

Movement, too, forms a structure, and it develops with practice. Connection to others, too, is structured through practice. If we allow our lives to course through us instead of gripping to others, we end up observing life from the outside. How difficult it is to genuinely hear someone or understand them. Movement begins with interest towards another human’s story, path and structure. By practicing, we learn to know another human better, but it requires the will to be present, to give in to closeness, and to give just as much of ourselves. Without the courage to give another human space in our rooms we cannot learn what we are together. Without daring, we’re just streets on a map – streets that travel side by side, but no shared structures or houses will be built to connect us.

We each have our own Emho – an abstract interpretation of life.



CHOREOGRAPHY Patrick Di Quirico | MUSIC Jaakko Salonen | GRAPHIC DESIGN Sonja Cederlund | PERFORMERS Elina Raiskinmäki, Linda Björkqvist, Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö, and Jaakko Salonen | LIGHT DESIGN Zai Sainio and Magnús Sigurðarson | PHOTOGRAPHY Jussi Virkkumaa |  PRODUCTION AB Dance Company

Premiere: 11.12.2020 | Manilla, Turku
Duration: approximately 45 min.


Thu 31.8. at 19.00
Fri 1.9. at 19.00
Sat 2.9. at 17

Wed 6.9. at 19.00
Thu 7.9. at 19.00
Fri 8.9. at 19.00


25 € single ticket
23 € pensioners
15 € students, children (under 18 years), unemployed persons, and persons in civil service or in the army.
12€ Members of Teme, Finnish Actors’ Association, and TAKU; dance and theatre students; members of the press.

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