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Manilla theatre, the home stage of AB Dance Company, is an open and modifiable theatre stage. The theatre stage and foyer are cosy and rich in atmosphere, making the space ideal for cultural events, meetings, and festive occasions. The theatre can also be used as a dining space.

The whole surface area of the theatre is approximately 250 square meters. The size of the stage is approximately 12 x 10 meters, including a basic auditorium for 110 people. The auditorium is mobile and collapsible, consisting of three pieces. For additional seating capacity, chairs can be added on the floor level, which reduces the surface area of the stage. There are tables and chairs for approximately 100 persons. The total seating capacity is 200 persons. The foyer of Manilla theatre has a surface area of approximately 80 square meters.

The theatre café & bar is licenced to serve alcoholic beverages. 

For more information and reservations

Aliisa Lehtonen
Managing Director (acting)

050 470 1618