4X: Night of Four Pieces


Launched last year, 4X − Touring Dance Event will be held again in spring 2024. The culminating event, Night of Four Pieces will offer a diverse overview of the field of contemporary dance. It will feature current repertoire from AB Dance Company, Minimi, Raatikko and Rimpparemmi. At the afterparty the floor is open to anyone in the relaxed Art Jury, where the evening’s works and emerging themes will be discussed together. The Art Jury will be facilitated by university researcher Ph.D. Kai Lehikoinen. The Night of Four pieces and its continuation lasts about 3 hours.

The dance event is a mini-festival organised by four dance theatres − AB Dance Company, Minimi, Raatikko and Rimpparemmi − bringing the latest repertoire of each theatre to the stage, offering a front row seat into the world of Finnish dance. 4X will tour across Finland, starting in Rovaniemi in May, then moving to Kuopio, Vantaa and ending in early June in Turku.

The event day at AB Dance Company is Saturday 8.6. and it starts with Raatikko’s children’s piece Aarteenetsijä A. at 14.00. Night of Four Pieces starts the same day at 17.00.

Read more about Raatikko’s Aarteenetsijä A.



NB! The first performance of the evening, Rising Star by Dance Theatre Raatikko, starts in the foyer before the doors open to the theatre, so you are welcome to arrive in advance. Our foyer opens an hour before the performance. The Rising Star can also be seen during the first intermissoin.

Dance Theatre Raatikko: Rising Star, choreography Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen.
Dansteater Minimi: Kaiku, choreography Iiro Näkki.
Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi: UrosDemo, choreography Matti Paloniemi.
AB Dance Company: Mind full of flies I never killed, choreography Linda Holmström

The Art Jury will end the event.


Photo: Leevi Lehtinen

Rising Star

Over the years, the stairs have been the scene of many a glamorous film scene and an elegant backdrop for glittering stars. Would you like to experience a glamorous moment on the stairs? It’s not just a fitness staircase, but a magical moment when a true movie legend takes to the stairs and wows his audience. Be the star of your life and experience your own stair moment! Rising Star!

Rising Star by Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen is a participatory performance with a movement language that combines physical theatre and dance movements.


Photo: Petra Kuha


Kauaʻi ʻōʻō was a small bird, eager to sing with a hollow, flute-like voice. The bird was last seen in 1985, and last heard two years later. The song of the last believed specimen has been recorded and can be found in the virtual archives.

“Kaiku” is a contemporary dance piece about an echo 11,900 miles and 37 years away. Duetto dives into the story and the voice of a bird from a lost world. The movement of the piece is one of contrast − a play of light, shadow, energy and wistfulness. The visually warm piece gives room for the dancer’s skill.

“I have been fascinated by this sound piece and have kept coming back to listen to it. The song sounds enigmatic, a beautiful reminder of impermanence, touching and incomprehensible. It conveys its own story as if by itself − or rather, it makes me imagine it.”Iiro Näkki

Duration: approximately 25−40 min

CHOREOGRAPHY Iiro Näkki | DANCE Katja Mustonen ja Aurora Suhonen | LIGHT AND SOUND DESIGN Mikko Kaukonen | PRUDUCTION Tanssiteatteri Minimi


Photo: Lauri Uusitalo


UrosDemo is a snapshot of the male world. It is images and moods of being and not being a man. What is a man? A man is one of the legal sexes. A man has many roles. Nothing more.

UrosDemo is part of a larger all-night piece premiering in February 2025.

CHOREOGRAPHY AND DIRECTION Matti Paloniemi | TEXT Jyri Ollila  | DANCE Atte Herd, Joni Kuokkanen ja Jukka Nurmela | LIGHT DESIGN Janne Teivainen | SOUND DESIGN Lauri Uusitalo | COSTUME DESIGN Mirkka Nyrhinen | PRUDUCTION Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi


Photo: Antti Kurola

Linda Holmstöm: Mind full of flies I never killed

Are you here yet? Was that you coming in?

That moment when you open your skull and let the beams and colors hit everyone’s faces and everyone falls into your world through their own glasses and experience what you are just now in this moment without filters except the glasses that they have obtained and been given by life that can be very different but still the same for the most part except when you accidentally sit on your glasses and

Sshhh. Breathe. Weight. Cells of my body. Sound. Connected.

Mind full of flies I never killed is a solo, duet, trio and so on about the mind.

CHOREOGRAPHY Linda Holmström | DANCE  Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö, Arttu Halmetoja ja Elina Raiskinmäki | LIGHT DESIGN Magnús Sigurðarson | SOUND DESIGN Valtteri Alanen | PHOTOGRAPHY AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Jussi Virkkumaa | PRODUCTION Aurinkobaletti

Premiere: 3.5.2024 | Manilla theatre, Turku
Age recommendation: +8 years



31 € single ticket
28 € pensioners
15 € students, children (under 18 years), unemployed persons, and persons in civil service or in the army
12 € members of Teme, Finnish Actors Union and Taku, persons having the Theatre Card of The Association of Finnish Theatres, dance and theatre students (vocational) and persons with press card

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