AB Dance Company’s spring 2024 repertoire

AB Ensemble Presents: Made in 11 Days

Is it possible to create a new dance piece in 11 days? Come and see what is achieved by talented artists willing to throw themselves into the play. Performances: 3.–11.5.2024.

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4X: Night of Four Pieces

4X − Touring Dance Event is a mini-festival organised by four dance theatres: Aurinkobaletti, Minimi, Raatikko and Rimpparemmi. Performances: 8.6.2024.

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4X: Aarteenetsijä A.

Aimed at the whole family, Dance Theatre Raatikko's piece explores the world of dance with young audiences. It is a part of 4X − Touring Dance Event. Event: 8.6.2024

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