Iwaoka – Lehtovaara – Malkki: Dysmorphic

Three bodies. Foamed plastic. Microphone. Dysmorphic is a dark yet hopeful performance of dysmorphic body disorders created in collaboration between Aurinkobaletti and Aura of Puppets. It brings on stage the absurdly imaginative but brutally realistic views of twisted mindscapes. How does it feel to live in the shade of your own imagined monstrosity? Is it possible to learn to love it? Or could you eliminate it.

The performance is built around puppetry, dance and live music. Dysmorphic reveals the struggle of all those suffering from dysmorphic disorders endeavoring to dissolve the shame caused by it and to increase awareness.



SCRIPT AND CONCEPT Erika Malkki | DIRECTION Maija Westerholm and crew | CHOREOGRAPHY Tashi Iwaoka | SOUND DESIGN, COMPOSITION AND MUSIC REHEARSALS Aino Lehtovaara | PERFORMERS Tashi Iwaoka, Aino Lehtovaara and Erika Malkki | COSTUME DESIGN Amita Kilumanga | PUPPET BUILDING Erika Malkki | LIGHT DESIGN Magnús Sigurðarson | PRODUCTION Crew, Aurinkobaletti and Aura of Puppets

Premiere: 22.9.2022 | Manilla, Turku
Other performances: 23.9.–1.10 and 2.–12.11.2022
Duration: approximately 60 minutes
Age recommendation: +14 years