Daycares, schools, and learning institutions

In addition to the current repertoire AB Dance Company provides audience development for children, youth and adults. Audience development focuses primarily on dance workshops that connect to the repertoire. We also offer artist meetings, discussion events, lectures, and dance demos to various target groups in our Manilla Theatre or in other spaces, such as schools and learning institutions.

We wish to offer our audience groups these possibilities to enhance their understanding of dance and to experience the elements of movement of dance themselves.

For day care centers we offer Oops – a performance with palyful exploration of movement.

See our Elämyspolku performances in 2024.


Dance workshops

In the workshops organized by the AB Dance Company dancers the audience is invited to move themselves, to experience bodily self-expression, and to follow small exercises in choreography. At the same time the audience is acquainted with the themes of the performance and with contemporary dance as a performative art.

The workshops encourage the audience to creativity, to openness, and to tolerance and they offer an authentic meeting with the creators of the dance.

The workshops are suitable for example as a part of the Elämyspolku program at schools. The workshops are tailored for the group in question.


The workshops in a nutshell

  • Audience size 10 – 20 participants
  • The workshops are arranged at Manilla theatre or at the venue of the client (e.g. a gymnasium or a similar space with a CD player and sound system)
  • Dress code: Exercise clothing or similar, bare feet/socks
  • The workshops are available in Finnish, in Swedish, in English, in Italian, and in French.
  • The workshops are also suitable for special groups
  • The workshops do not require previous experience of dance
  • Workshop durations:
    5-/6-year-olds: 30 min.
    1st to 6th grade: 45 min.
    Children over 13 years and adults: 75 – 90 min.


  • Prices:
    Children (under 18 years) and students à 3 € + ticket to the performance
  • Adults à 7 € + ticket to the performance
  • In the Elämyspolku program at Turku elementary schools the total price (workshop + ticket to the performance) is always à 12 € / participant at most regardless of the performance

Travel fees of the instructors will be added to the prices of workshops outside of Turku.

See also A Moment of Dance workshops for corporate events such as employee recreation programs or other recreational events.

For more information and reservations

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Sales and Marketing Planner

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