Photographs can be downloaded at our photo gallery. The photos can be published freely in articles and other printed or online materials about AB Dance Company, AB Dance Company productions, and / or the artists. The names of the photographer, the choreographer, and the performance must be mentioned whenever the photos are used. For other uses permission is required.

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Stayin’ Alive

Concept and choreography: Collectif ÈS: Sidonie Duret, Jérémy Martinez ja Émilie Szikora

Jorma Uotinen: Rajalla

Rajalla is performed on the 4X tour as a part of the evening with three performances.


Iwaoka – Lehtovaara – Malkki | A co-production with Aura of Puppets


Urmas Poolamets and working group

Poppean kruunaus

Monteverdi – Poolamets – Laakso


Patrick Di Quirico


Jyrki Karttunen

Minne kutsua Liza?

Sasha Pepeljajev

40 Auringon vuotta

A collection of works by Jorma Uotinen, Marjo Kuusela and Ervi Sirén

Time of My Life

Sanna Silvennoinen

Todellinen prinssi

Jaakko Toivonen and Kinga László | A co-production with JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre


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