A Moment of Dance

Kuvituskuva, Linda Björkqvist kuvattuna liikkeessä. Kuvaaja: Jussi Virkkumaa.

A Moment of Dance package is a workshop or a small performance by AB Dance Company that can be tailored for the needs of various groups. Whether for an after-work event, a conference day, an employee recreation program or just for a group of people who share an interest for experiencing culture together, we offer an opportunity to experience dance from the front seat with a flexible schedule.

A Moment of Dance was created by the AB Dance Company dancers through their desire to perform contemporary dance that speaks to and thrills the audience, pulling their thoughts entirely into movement for a moment of dance. No more than that but all the more rewarding!

The small performance combines the strengths of the AB Dance Company ensemble – presence and professionalism – connecting with both the children and the adults in the audience. We offer a holistic experience for both veterans and new acquaintances of contemporary dance, one that welcomes the audience to jump in with an open mind. A Moment of Dance is here and now – with love from our dancers to You.

A Moment of Dance package includes three parts that can be combined with each other or booked separately to corporate events, for example. The package can be arranged at Manilla theatre – the home stage of AB Dance Company – or at a venue provided by the group.

You may book a performance or a workshop for adults centered around dance.


    1. A performance starred by 2–4 professional AB Dance Company dancers.
      Performance duration approximately 15−20 min.
      Price: 350 € / no required minimum number of attendees.
    2. A workshop designed for adult participants and tailored to the needs of the group. No requirement for prior experience of dance.
      Workshop duration up to approximately 1 hour.
      Price: 350 € / no required minimum number of attendees.

Prices apply to events organized in the Turku region. If the event is organized in Manilla-theatre and it does not include tickets to the performance the same evening, to the price will be added the rent of the foyer 300 € / day and the attendant fee 25 € / hour on weekdays 4−12 PM, on Saturdays until 6 PM or 50 € / hour on weekdays after 12 PM, Saturdays or eve days after 6 PM and on Sundays or other holidays.


For more information and reservations

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