4X Touring Dance Event


A new and unique touring dance event, 4X represents Finland’s most exciting dance theatres: Aurinkobaletti – AB Dance Company, Minimi, Rimpparemmi and Raatikko. 4X occurs for the first time in Spring 2023 in Kuopio, Rovaniemi, Vantaa and Turku, alike in all cities.

This two-day event starts with The Triple Bill, targeted at young adults. The second day is for children and provides Dance Theatre Raatikko’s performance Hyppynaurutus.


4X The Three Bill

4X The Three Bill presents a topical and diverse selection of contemporary dance pieces. Come and experience dance performances by the most well-known dance theatres in Finland!

The performances

Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi: Asetelmia, choreographer Atte Herd, duration: 30 min.
Dance Theatre Minimi: RAJA, choreographers: Katja Mustonen & Mirva Mäkinen, duration: 35 min. (shorter than the original performance).
Aurinkobaletti – AB Dance Company: Rajalla, choreographer: Jorma Uotinen, duration: 20 min.

There are intermissions between the performances.


Kuva: Antti Kurola

Asetelmia is an abstract contemporary dance piece for three dancers. The starting point is in social composition and the wish to produce at least one layout pleasing to the eye. The number of possibilities seems endless and eventually the space itself begins to shape events. The subdued and at the same time explosive atmosphere is a work of visual art full of life and movement.

CHOREOGRAPHY Atte Herd | DANCE Laura Kallas-Herd, Helmi Järvensivu ja Jasmin Laaksoharju | LIGHT DESIGN AND SCENOGRAPHY Jukka Laukkanen | SOUND DESIGN Jukka Nurmela | COSTUME DESIGN Jaana Isokangas | PRODUCTION Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi


RAJA (Dividing line) is a performance for five dancers about being on edge, creating boundaries and overcoming limits. The work also explores those moments when the dividing line disappears. The piece approaches the concept of a boundary primarily as a physical experience but draws inspiration from some social and cultural phenomenons while pondering a more significant symbolic meaning of the borders. At the centre of this work is the physical dialogue between the dancers.

CHOREOGRAPHY Katja Mustonen, Mirva Mäkinen | DANCE Pinja Grönberg, Mikko Makkonen / Miro Puranen, Katja Mustonen, Mirva Mäkinen, Jasu Parviainen | LIGHT DESIGN Veli-Matti Timoskainen | SOUND DESIGN Olli Lautiola | PHOTOGRAPHY Sampo Jaakkola | PRODUCTION Tanssiteatteri Minimi


Rajalla (At the Border) is Jorma Uotinen’s dance piece about darkness, light, fear and hope in three parts. 

”In the first part, one moves between bright light and darkness. The Human has an inner fier for a force, which comes from outside and is undefined The second part gives space to emotions and dance and is choreographed to the music by Bach. The last part brings a cleansing rain and hope”

Music used in the performance: Harvester of Sorrow ja Enter Sandman (Apocalyptica Plays Metallica by Four Cellos) and an excerpt from Erbarme dich, mein Gott by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Anne Sofie von Otter.

CHOREOGRAPHY Jorma Uotinen | CHOREOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT Riku Lehtopolku | DANCE Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö, Patrick Di Quirico, Elina Raiskinmäki and Ilona Salonen | LIGHT DESIGN Zai Sainio | SOUND DESIGN Jaakko Salonen | COSTUME DESIGN Jorma Uotinen ja Marjo Haapasalo | PHOTOGRAPHY AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Jussi Virkkumaa | PRODUCTION Aurinkobaletti – AB Dance Company


4X Family Day


Dance Theatre Raatikko: Hyppynarutus

Maximal theatre experience with minimal means! The two characters of this whimsical and interactive dance performance take you on a rhythmical journey. With only a few skipping ropes as their props, they travel from the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest to a comical sports event and even a small-scale circus show. With Hyppy (Skip) and Naru (Rope), you will never get bored, and as self-proclaimed specialist in skipping, they invite you to take part in their ventures.

CHOREOGRAPHY, SOUND DESIGN AND SCENOGRAPHY Jaakko Toivonen | ARTISTIC CONSULTANT Sanna Silvennoinen | PERFORMERS Taru Koski ja Alma-Ruut Karjalainen | COSTUME DESIGN Elina Tuomisto | PRODUCTION Tanssiteatteri Raatikko | PHOTOGRAPHY Sanna Lehto

Language: Finnish
Target group: Families with children aged from 3 to 8 years.
Duration: 45 minutes.

After the performance, there is a dance workshop for children.


Performances in Manilla Theatre

Fri 9.6. at 19.00  4X The Three Bill, buy tickets.
Sat 10.6. at 14.00 4X Family Day, buy tickets.

Tickets to the Three Bill

25 € single ticket
23 € pensioners
15 € students, children (under 18 years), unemployed persons, and persons in civil service or in the army.

Tickets to the Familyday

10 €

Other performances

19.–20.5.2023 Kuopio, Maria Stage, The City Theatre of Kuopio, www.minimi.fi
27.–28.5.2023 Rovaniemi, Kulttuuritalo Wiljami, www.rimpparemmi.fi
2.–3.6.2023 Vantaa, Tanssiteatteri Raatikko, www.raatikko.fi


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