Available for booking to day care centers: Oops – a performance with palyful exploration of movement

Kuvassa pöydällä kaksi henkilöä, neljä pulloa ja erilaisia pienesineitä.

In January 2023 Aurinkobaletti − AB Dance Company offers to day care centers Oops, a performance based on playful exploration of movement.

Oops combines elements of a workshop and a performance. With three dancers, it invites children gently to participate in movement and experience dance through all senses. The children can participate in the way they choose − moving, making sounds or just watching.

The performace does not include too much guidance, but the children are free to experiment independently different ways of bodily expression. Before the performance the dancers explain to the adults how it will be carried out and the guidance is done without words.

The perfomance will take place in the daycare center’s own premises. Also the adults are warmly welcomed to participate!

Duration: approximately 30 minutes
Age recommandation: 0–6 years
Size of the groups up to: 20 children



DIRECTION workgroup | PERFOMERS AND GUIDES Linda Björkqvist, Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö, Patrick Di Quirico ja Elina Raiskinmäki | MUSIC Jaakko Salonen | EXPERT CONSULTANT Kaisa Koulu | PHOTOS Jussi Virkkumaa | IN COOPERATION WITH Daycare center Lyckobo | PRODUCTION Aurinkobaletti


Performances 2023

Tue 6.6. | Wed 7.6. | Thu 8.6. | Fri 9.6.

The performance can be booked from 9.00 am on.



One or two sequential performance in the same place 250 €.

Three or four performance in the same place (also on two different days) total 350 €.


For more information and reservations:

Pia Puustelli
Sales and Marketing Planner

050 470 1620