A Real Prince

Todellinen prinssi -teoksen markkinointikuva. Kuvaaja: Jussi Virkkumaa, kuvassa: Linda Björkqvist, Jean Arvo-Michael Saarinen, Patrick Di Quirico ja Janne Aspvik.

A Real Prince (Todellinen Prinssi) is a dance performance about friendship, play, and social skills. In this whimsical dance-theatre fairytale for the whole family a princess is searching for a soul mate to share the happy as well as the sad moments – at a speed so fast that you might not even be able to keep up!

The performance is inspired by the famous fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. In this new adaptation by AB Dance Company and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre the audience finds themselves in the middle of a playing date where new friendship candidates are tested with increasingly silly assignments. But are the expectations on the new friend’s looks, manners and intelligence so sky-high that all the contenders/candidates are due to fail?



CHOREOGRAPHY, CONCEPT, AND SOUND DESIGN Jaakko Toivonen and Kinga László | DANCE AB Dance Company dancers | SET DESIGN AND ARTWORK Peetu Pasanen | COSTUMES Marjo Haapasalo | LIGHT DESIGN Lauri Jeffrey | AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Päivi Kujansuu | PHOTOGRAPHY Jussi Virkkumaa | PRODUCTION AB Dance Company and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | PREMIERE 2.3.2019, Manilla, Turku

Age recommendation: +4 years
Duration: approx. 50 min

The performance can be booked for various events and touring. A Real Prince has visited for example the Young Dance Festival in Zug, Switzerland and in national dance events.


For more information and reservations

Pia Puustelli
Sales and Marketing Planner

050 470 1620


VIDEO Jussi Virkkumaa | DANCERS Linda Björkqvist, Jean Arvo-Michael Saarinen, Patrick Di Quirico, and Janne Aspvik.



Currently only available in Finnish:

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